Harry Potter + Potions.

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Anonymous asked: Laura hollis is so rachel berry it makes me cry a little because i like her so so so much

gah this is so true! which is why she is obviously my fave. because seriously, laura’s (and rachel’s) intensity gives me life.

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Lonely hours of the night. Carmilla bears witness to Laura having a nightmare. The only way to help, apparently, was to cuddle.

In the deepest hours of the night, it is rare that Carmilla stays behind in room 307, doing absolutely nothing. But tonight, the stars are luminous and the best view of the radiant stars in Silas, in her opinion, is on her dorm room’s windowsill. So she resigns herself to another wonderfully lonely night watching the stars while her human roommate snores softly in her bed.

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carmilla x laura + petnames, requested by anonymous

Anonymous asked: just watched that pillow talk vid and i must say, elise bauman is so cute :3 (i also need to know if she's single and gay)

she is!!!! so adorable. and i’m pretty sure watching any video with elise in it made my headache go away. and yes. those are questions that have answers that interest me very much.

Anonymous asked: Where have you been? Come backkkkk

i’ve always been (sorta) hereeeee.

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elise bauman + the internet: shipping